Earmuff Headphones are a winter warmer for music lovers

The days are getting colder (except for the recent freakishly warm Indian Autumn days of the past week!) and the winter clothes are coming out of the closet. Most important amongst them on my part is by far my ear warmers (because I look silly in hats). But put ear warmers over a pair of headphones and you run the risk of the buds digging into your ears in a way most uncomfortable and really annoying (not to mention scary when you think of the bacteria being forced into your ear canal).



Step forward Earmuff Headphones! They have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack so will plug into your MP3 whatever brand you follow, and they’re size adjustable so should fit the biggest or smallest of heads. A personal wish would also be that they sufficiently muffle sound so that you can’t hear the music being played through them externally. Remember people – just because you like listening to Clubland whatever to warm you up on the train doesn’t mean we all want to overhear it…

Buy your pair below:

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