New MacBook Air coming next week?

Nothing gets past Apple Insider. The Steve Jobs worshipping website tracks Mac supplies daily and they say that there’s been an ‘abnormal trend’ in MacBook Air availability for weeks, with both the high end SSD model and the cheaper HDD models being harder to come by. Mac fans have also pointed out that Mac Air accessories such as the SuperDrive accessory have also been out-of-stock in Apple stores.

Hence the rumour that Apple is priming the MacBook Air for a refresh as soon as next week.

The rumours are supported by insiders at Amazon and Best Buy who have said that Apple “Will not be replenishing stocks until next week at the earliest” which suggests we could be seeing new models very soon indeed either that or they’ve genuinely ran out.

It would be about the right time for Apple to refresh. They’ve raked in the last few college students with the free iPod deal and now Christmas is on the horizon. What more would you want than a shiny new revamped MacBook?

So if a new MacBook Air does come to replete the dwindling stocks what will be new about it? Rumour has it the already tiny MacBook could slim down to 11.6-inches. But that’s about all that is known at the moment.

What do you make of the prospect of a new MacBook? Are you excited or do you think Apple are just firing out more overpriced laptops.

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