Microsoft Kinect’s Milo and Kate Demo to be Scrapped?

Remember that Milo and Kate demo that many of us were amazed and perhaps slightly freaked out by when the Microsoft Kinect was in it’s Project natal stages? Well it seems that demo is all it is going to be as apparently the production of it becoming a full on Kinect game is being scrapped.

It has been reported on the gaming site Eurogamer that, viagra 40mg “Development on Lionhead’s motion-sensing relationship simulation was officially halted yesterday, cough with ’19 contractors’ let go, according to a source claiming to be close to the situation.”

Whether this has disappointed you or not, it seems not all is lost for this type of software are it seems Lionhead Studios will be using the technology used in Milo and Kate in a “Fable themed Kinect game” instead, which could be an interesting new way to control your hero although I might feel a bit weird saying “kill kill kill” when in a peaceful town just to get my character some horns.

However, quite confusingly, Peter Molyneux has told Eurogamer that Project Milo was on, saying “Of course!” when questioned on whether the game would be available in the future and “I wouldn’t be working on it if I didn’t hope that to be true”.

So pretty mixed signals on the future of Project Milo, but what are your opinions on the old demo? Do you think it would work well with a game like Fable? Leave your thoughts below.

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2 Responses to “Microsoft Kinect’s Milo and Kate Demo to be Scrapped?”

  1. David says:

    Guys… the media have gotten the wrong end of the stick here – Milo and Kate were ALWAYS just tech demos molyneux has said this in almost every interview ever…. the game hasen’t been cancelled the development cycle for this TECH DEMO has simply ended, the underlying tech will be used in future games.

  2. martin says:

    no that the technology is here it should be implemented in future games


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