7 inch iPad 2? The Rumours Come Back?

A 7 inch iPad coming soon? It’s not the first time this questions been asked. Rumours about a smaller iPad bridging the gap between the iPhone and the full size iPad have been floating around for a while now. What’s heating up these rumours is the upcoming release of the iPad 2 which is expected (to come FaceTime ready) for Christmas or early next year at the latest.

Apple, viagra 100mg cheap perhaps worried about competition from the Android camp, prostate may be looking to develop a new version of iPad, with a smaller 7-inch screen. Om Malik from GIGAOM claims that Apple’s apparent eagerness to release a smaller version of the iPad comes from the unexpected pressure from competitors such as Android.

Malik says that “In the early days of iPhone, the lack of competition allowed Apple to build up a sizable lead over others. The emergence of Android, has started to take away some of the growth opportunities from Apple, as it has brought more options for consumers. The competition has come early for the iPad. Samsung recently launched its Galaxy Tablets in partnership with four major US carriers and this is likely to put pressure on the iPad sales.”

He continues. “In this case perhaps, the 7-inch can lower the bill of materials and make it easier to source components such as the display. Which in turn allows Apple to stay competitive in the emergent market.”

When the rumour emerged in August after Chinese Press claimed to know sources producing parts for the slimmed down iPad, the reason for the change in size was said to be simply to allow people to have the iPad technology in a more portable, user-friendly way. Whatever Apple’s reasons are it seems likely that we will see a smaller version of the iPad in second generation form, but when that will be we don’t quite know yet.

Source: GIGAOM

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One Response to “7 inch iPad 2? The Rumours Come Back?”

  1. Paul says:

    A 7 inch iPad, yuk, I much prefer the original size
    A smaller screen will spoil it for me.

    If they do, I hope they keep the original in production.


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