Motorola tablet device with Android: but not until 2011.

You’ve got to hand it to Apple for their innovation. Their iPad opened the flood gates to a sea of tablet devices each one being dubbed an ‘ipad-killer’ by the press. Samsung, LG, HP, Dell, Asus, Compal, HTC to name but a few, have all jumped into the market. So who’s next?

Motorola. They have been thinking about tablets for a while now, but according to Sanjay Jha, it won’t be entering the market until it’s absolutely certain it’ll have a product that’s “competitive in the marketplace.” Smart move by Motorola, once the rapid release of iPad competitors dies down we’ll get to see which pads are coming out on top and which are lost in the wind and any problems or ideas reported will be noted by Motorola.

Moto have been providing some high-end hardware this year, with the likes of the Droid X proving they’ve got what it takes. Motorola say they will wait until next year before a release, but rumours are circulating already around the possibilities of the moto-pad. A 10-inch slate device is anticipated. Most probably in partnership with Verizon and  running Android 3.0

Google itself has admitted that Android won’t be fit for tablets until Gingerbread is delivered, so Motorola’s patience may also be a sign that they’re holding out for the Latest Android OS.

We’ll keep you informed as the news develops but a Motorola, Android tablet is a titillating prospect already.


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