Will Microsoft’s Kinect keep the Xbox 360 going for 5 more years?

Microsoft seem to be pretty confident about their upcoming controller-less Kinect, medicine as Vice President for Interactive Entertainment Business in Europe, healing Chris Lewis of Microsoft has stated that the device will give the Xbox 360 five years of extra life at the very least.

Lewis stated that, salve “”Kinect really gives us, I think, a very genuine additional five years, what Kinect does is broaden us out to users that we weren’t addressing in the past.”

Lewis stressed that the Xbox 360 still has much potential, with the potential of many new features and peripherals that will keep the console going, instead of simply releasing new consoles. Unfortunately, no teases or suggestions of what this might include were given.

One of the main things which is clearly going to keep the Xbox 360 going to keep going is Xbox Live, which is expected to have surpassed the $1 billion revenue mark this year. With that kind of money made from a feature alone, it’s no surprise that Microsoft feel no rush to release a new console.

Microsoft aren’t the only ones who are confident about their console lasting however, with Sony claiming the PS3 could have a 10 year shelf life thanks to it’s motion-controlled Playstation Move. Will the Kinect and Move really so revolutionary that they will push next generation consoles that much further away? What other features and peripherals could Microsoft have up their sleeves? Leave your thoughts below.

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One Response to “Will Microsoft’s Kinect keep the Xbox 360 going for 5 more years?”

  1. I am looking forward to Microsoft Kinect. It can arguably be stated as either a “revolution” in gaming, or a giant “evolution.”

    In my opinion, I think consumers will enjoy Microsoft Kinect more than the Playstation Move because they don’t want the hassle of holding something in their hand. With Kinect, people don’t have to worry about that and will be more convenient. I think it will come down to the games that Sony and Microsoft have to offer.


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