iPhone’s Angry Birds game to be made into a film?

It’s sold over 6.5 million copies, ambulance Macworld called it ‘an addictive, clever, and challenging puzzle,’ it’s even been nominated for “Best Casual Game” award at the 6th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards; it’s Angry Birds the terrifyingly successful game for iPhone and iPod touch and what’s next for this latest E-trend, a movie of course.

The history of ‘games made into movies’ is not a particularly positive one with great games such as Mortal Kombat and Super Mario being made into movies which can only be described as creepy at best and can only be seen in an IT office or car-boot sale.

And not forgetting this is a mobile puzzle game we are talking about.

Rovio the developers of the game have said that there has been interest from several parties who are looking to commercialise the game further and this included various movie studios looking to cash in on the game.

Chief Exec Mikael Hed has made his intentions for the expansion of the title perfectly clear and has said he wants to see the ‘Angry Birds brand become much more than games’ so basically, he is trying to create a franchise akin to Toy Story for example.

Well good luck to him, I guess. It certainly shows the potential of app markets.

Angry Birds the movie. I wonder if it will be in 3D?

What do you think? Would you go and see it if it happened?

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