BlackBerry App world 2.0 leaves beta

RIM (probably feeling the pinch from the growth of the Android market and iTunes store) have given their BlackBerry app store a much needed revamp.

The strange $2.99 minimum price for paid apps has been dropped by so now BlackBerry developers can release $0.99 and $1.99 apps just like everybody else, pills which may attract more developers over to the App world and give the number of apps available a good boost.

RIM have also made It also easier to buy apps. Now any credit card can be used and there’s now an option for carrier billing. Of course there’s improved tabs and search features to make it easier hunting for that golden nugget of an app.

Plus the new BlackBerry ID function lets you both perform  credit card payments more easily and also helps move all your apps over to a new BlackBerry device if you upgrade/ break your handset. So if you’ve spent a fortune on apps at lease you don’t have to lose them in changing handsets.

These are some positive changes by RIM but surely accepting major credit cards and allowing developers to sell apps for a price they choose, are ‘app market’ basics. They’ve got a hell of a lot more work to do if they want to compete with the other smartphones out there (app wise.)

Come on RIM give us the app store we want and let us get the most out of our Blackberrys; they cost enough.

The latest version of BlackBerry App World is available now to all BB users. So get it downloaded and find the latest great app now.

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