iCar- Could Apple have their own car in the next few years?

In an exclusive chat with pocket-lint, founder of Gordon Murray Designs and creator of the iStream manufacturing process claimed that; “Someone like Apple could very easily make a car.”

iStream itself is a small localised factory that can be attached to the back of a dealer’s lot, with the potential to make from 5,000 to 200,000 cars a year, a process considerably cheaper than current manufacturing methods.

iStream can be changed to create a number of different vehicles, ranging from everything from a 10-seater bus to a sports car. Over 40 companies have expressed an interest in licensing the technology from Gordon Murray, but only eight of those companies are actually car companies (including a Government project that wants to make electrical cars.)

“We have signed an agreement with a global manufacturing partner – one of the top three in the world – that will go anywhere and build an iStream factory for the client, run the factory, produce the car, and then hand it over for sale. The car could very easily be branded Virgin, or Apple, or Sony or something like that.”

Plus sources within Apple have confirmed to that there is a secret internal department within the company that specialises on transport, although this could simply be car accessories.

During the interview Murray was asked about the possibility of an itunes/Android style app market for cars to which he replied,”We have a speciality program, particularly with the T.27 (istream car), just looking at that. In fact, we had a supplier in yesterday talking about configurable instrumentation in the car.

Imagine that, an iCar, well if the technology is already called iStream Apple may as well jump in and help the process go the whole mile.

Source: Pocket-lint

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    We expect consumers to shift – on a mass scale – from CVs to EVs, with proof that technology is viable and can provide the same utility but with a Better Experience. The Emotional Drive will be the driving force of this switch of consumer preferences.


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