Mystery HTC Android Device Hits Verizon’s Inventory System: Could it be the HTC Scorpion?

A brand new and what appears to be a HTC device, has just appeared in Verizon’s inventory system in the last day or two.

The device does not have a name but it has been listed under the code of ADR6325VW. The reason why many believe it to be an Android device over a Windows 7 phone is due to the prefix at the start of the code, ADR, which hints an Android.

With recent rumour floating around about Verizon’s LTE 4G phone, called the HTC Scorpion, it could quite possibly be that.

As you know details were leaked yesterday regarding Verizon’s roadmap, in which it was suggested that they could possibly be introducing several new 3G and 4G phones in Q3 2010.  So with that in mind could this Android phone be in actual fact the HTC Scorpion?  Well ,it looks like we might not be far from the truth…

What do you think the mystery Android phone is? Or do you think it isn’t an Android phone? Leave us your thoughts below…

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  1. I just have to say that it is kind of hard to worry much about this when issues like healthcare reform and the housing market collapse are happening right now. Still a good read though. Don’t mean to take anything away.


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