Leaked Verizon ‘Roadmap’ Shows Plans for 4G LTE Network and New BlackBerry Smartphones

A leaked Verizon roadmap shows the company’s plans to offer several new 3G and 4G phones as well as upcoming 3G data plans, focusing on the upcoming 4G LTE network.

Verizon’s conversion to the Long Term Evolution network should allow them to provide phones with amazingly fast speeds. LTE is much anticipated by the smartphone industry and some have hailed the technology as ‘lag busting.’

AT&T, Verzion and other Worldwide carriers announced their plans to begin transferring to LTE in 2009 and it seems that we will start to see the first glimpses of this technology sooner rather than later.

As well as mobile phone carriers, LTE has also been adopted by US public safety agencies for use with the new 700 MHz public-safety radio band which shows a lot about its reputation already.

With an LTE device passing through the FCC (Federal communications commission) recently, it seems likely that the LTE network will be up and running pretty soon without much delay.

As well as signs of the LTE transfer, the leak also suggests that the third generation BlackBerry Storm is on its way (and that it won’t be named Storm 3.) Plus there will apparently also be a new Blackberry Curve and some BlackBerry flip phones on the way too as well as  a stack of Android-powered devices.

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