Is the BlackBerry 9800 another victim of the iPhone 4 ‘grip of death’?

As we reported yesterday, apoplectic at Apple’s press conference, rx Steve Jobs, cure as well as ‘solving’ the antenna issue also brought almost every other smartphone company into the equation. The antenna issue is not specific to the iPhone he said but it is an industry wide problem.

The manufacturers he named were obviously not very pleased by this and many have responded including RIM who quickly stated that ‘they don’t suffer the same issues’. We’d love to believe them but unfortunately it seems Steve struck a chord with RIM because there is some truth in what he said.

The BlackBerry 9800 was showcased yesterday and there was apparently videos on Youtube which shows the handsets signal dropping when it is held in a certain way ‘i.e. the ‘death grip.’

The videos were of a pre-release model so if there are problems RIM could have time to deal with them before its release. But many believe that the model demonstrated was the final model which will be bad news for RIM especially after making such a quick and certain response to Apple. There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the new BlackBerry smartphone, and its new browser especially is said to look extremely promising. So the last thing they want is a similar situation to the iPhone 4, where the release is plagued by weeks and weeks of ‘antenna issue’ horror stories.

Has Steve Jobs and co enlightened us about a true problem within the smartphone industry that has been kept from us or is it a clever business move to take the pressure away from Apple?

What do you think of these claims that the ‘grip of death’ is an industry wide issue?

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4 Responses to “Is the BlackBerry 9800 another victim of the iPhone 4 ‘grip of death’?”

  1. J D says:

    The model shown is not the final release version. In fact the camera and some other functions were not yet working on the device which proves it is not the release version. And I watched all videos of this leaked device and there is no evidence of this effect and nearly all videos leaked were operating on wifi.

  2. This is simply Apple propaganda. They are just trying to minimize their own issues by making false claims that RIM, Nokia, HTC and whoever else that makes handsets has the same problem.

    I used to be a big fan of Apple, it seems their success has gotten then better of them in the last couple of years.

  3. Jimmy Nimmo says:

    If the Blackberry 9800 were released with as big of a death grip issue as the iPhone 4, I could hardly care less. A slider from RIM with a physical keyboard and OS 6 have me drooling enough that I will happily buy the phone, even if the problem turns out MORE severe than the one Apple faces.

  4. zeyad says:

    I have BB 9800 realy its bad the handsets signal dropping its annoying me


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