Droid X Move Along…The Modu: World’s Lightest Mobile Phone is Here!

Yesterday we took a look at the Droid X and the specifications of other smartphones on the market this summer and we asked if in this smartphone crazy world we live in, and if there are still ‘mobile’ phones being made?

Soon to be released in the UK, the Modu 1 is our answer. This super-simple, uber stripped-down phone is the lightest phone in the world. With just seven buttons and a 1.3″ OLED display, the Modu 1 really is a ‘mobile’ phone.

You’ll find no frills or fancy features but as you’ve probably heard your gadgetphobe parents say many times,“it can make calls and send text messages.” It does however spoil us, with an MP3 player built in which utilises the 2GB of internal memory.

The battery, as expected for such a small handset, is small with a 530mAh capacity, compared to as much as 1500mAh on modern smartphones. But being a featureless phone the battery won’t take much of a hammering and should still provide a decent amount of talktime.

What makes the Modu cool is its swappable ‘jackets’ The Modu simply slides in to any jacket which you have, to add functionality to the device for example the Night Jacket adds a 3 megapixel camera. Jackets mean that the tiny wallet fitting phone can be customized and personalized to the user’s desire.

But overall there isn’t much that the Modu offers. It’s good to see a simple, reliable phone being made for those who don’t want or need a smartphone but there are cheaper and better phones on the market which can call and text without the frills. For the price of a Modu and jacket you could get a Samsung Tocco Light, A Sony Ericsson W205 or Nokia 2720 for example.

If you are tempted by the Modu 1 it’s only available at PurelyGadgets.co.uk for £129.99

What is exciting is the Modu 2, ‘lightest touchscreen phone in the world’ which is scheduled to arrive at the end of 2010. The equally small Modu 2 will have Edge and 3.5G Internet connection. With Modu hinting at apps there is a small possibility of a mini Android phone.

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