Apple in Hot Water After Deleting Complaints From Their Forum

It would seem that Apple can’t do anything right – according to Engadget they have taken to deleting comments from Consumer Reports after they failed to recommend the phone until the antenna issue is solved.

And this seems to have rubbed Apple up the wrong way and they have exercised the big Apple red pen on their forums by removing the comments.

Now deleting comments is nothing new, but should only be done for spam or inappropriate comments – not genuine comments from people and customers who have legitimate concerns.

It might be time to start up the PR machine again, expect to hear something from Apple in a few weeks.

This all follows a successful launch of their new iPhone 4 – but shortly after the launch many customers have aired concerns about the phone dropping calls and it took Apple far to long to admit there might be a problem with the antenna.

Have you had any problems with Apple’s support forums ? Let us know below….

Via Engadget

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One Response to “Apple in Hot Water After Deleting Complaints From Their Forum”

  1. selfsilent says:

    I can sort of see where Apple are coming from though. People only tend to leave bad feedback and if Apple are to be believed and the reception issue can be fixed with a software update then even when the problem has been fixed do you think these people will come online and remove their complaints? No, of course they won’t. They’ll be jumping on the next bandwagon.

    What you have to remember is that this fault affects a very small fraction of the iPhone 4 owners and companies who are competing against Apple have realised they can’t win with inferior products so they are perpetuating rumours and causing trouble. I guarantee that the majority of complaints are from other companies seeking to damage Apple’s reputation and Apple haters.

    That’s how bandwagons work. If it was such a wide spread problem, why did it take 2 weeks to surface?


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