iPhone 4 Reception Problem? Try the Sticky-Tape Solution!

Those who weren’t fast enough to secure an iPhone 4 on its release will be the ones laughing now. As soon as the handset was released (inevitably) there were complaints from consumers. That’s nothing unusual, most new handsets have ‘teething problems’ and people seem to love finding problems with new gadgets (which is probably excusable when your shelling out hundreds of pounds).

But Apple have surpassed the usual bugs, slow speeds etc (problems that can be quickly solved with an update) and have released phones which have no reception.

Apple are playing down the problem, simply suggesting, ‘buying a case’ or the equally inventive, ‘holding the phone in a certain way.’ This isn’t enough for some users who have turned to the modern day answer to everything, the internet for answers.

Here’s a look at some of the ‘fixes’ floating around on the internet. But don’t go and destroying your iPhone and its warranty.

Some of the most insane include covering your iPhone in a few layers of nail varnish.

The popular belief is that touching the side of the phone shorts across the MicroSim hence another unfortunately ineffective fix, trimming the Simcard. Engadget played around with the sim, but to no avail.

Another site claims that humble stickytape is the answer and have written a guide on how to fix your iPhone for ‘$0.001.’

I think rather than having a smartphone with a lovely sellotape cover it’s probably best to keep the pressure on Apple and hope they think of an effective and free fix. This could come sooner than you think. An interesting news article reveals that Apple applied for antenna engineers on the 23rd of June (a day before the phones release.) Were they expecting issues? This will keep the conspiracy theorists and the ‘Apple-haters’ happy.

Have you had issues with the Apple iPhone 4? Leave a comment below.

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One Response to “iPhone 4 Reception Problem? Try the Sticky-Tape Solution!”

  1. Rachel says:

    I am so sick of no reception, regardless of how I hold my phone! It drops down to NO service a lot!!! Not happy!!


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