Buy iPhone 4 Copy for Only $85 from China: Why Pay More?

Remember how the Chinese managed to make an identical clone of the iPad when it was released a few months back? Well in true Chinese clone fashion, they have done it again with the iPhone 4.

As iPhone 4s were being shipped out yesterday, the assembly lines in a factory in Shenzen have already starting dishing out replica Apple iPhone 4s to hand out to the Chinese public that want it.

Named the ePhone 4GS, does it cut the mustered as an exact iPhone 4 clone? Well, not far from it. It would appear that sources have told us that the ePhone 3GS might be made of cheap plastic but even at close up you might not be able to see the difference between the genuine iPhone 4. It’s only when you hit the power button do you see the low resolution non retina display light up. However similar to the iPhone 4 it has a front and rear camera and comes packed with 16GB of memory.

The price is a different story. Compared to the 100s of pounds you are expected to fork out for the original iPhone 4, if you live in China then this can be yours for a measly price of $85. No bad eh?

What do you think of the iPhone 4 clone? Would you buy one or is the original iPhone 4 one of its kind which can’t be replicated? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

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36 Responses to “Buy iPhone 4 Copy for Only $85 from China: Why Pay More?”

  1. Barry says:

    Does this phone also lose signal when holding it?
    if not then why the hell did i get the original?? if this can keep your signal good then maybe steve jobs should take a look at one and look at maybe using ther design with his internals!

  2. selfsilent says:

    Barry – I guess you are left handed.
    If you fit the Apple bumper it will resolve this problem.

    I can assure you that this copy will be terrible. You get what you pay for.
    So unless you just want to look like you have an iPhone 4, get the real thing.

    The copy won’t use apps, have GPS or a gyro. Touch screen if any will be unusuable.

  3. Burner says:

    I would’t buy a cheap chinese clone namely because of the crappy screens and poor build quaility made to last a few months. The battery life will not be same, poor reception etc. I would rather spend the £85 on a cheap samsung phone from tesco which does what it is meant to do.

  4. Lena says:


    I have a copy from the same, its at copy of the 3g 32gb.

    I am pretty satisfied… yeah there is more plastic in it.. but the apps works, and the touch works. I had it for 4 month now. I gave 50 dollar for it, so of course I don’t expect a super Iphone either… but it works okay, and i runs dual sim too.

  5. marco says:

    i have bought this phone from china,Although this is a copy one, but the quality is ok.worth buying

  6. jason says:

    i have bought the TV version,$86 USD,but the WIFI version is a little expensive ,about $99 USD.

  7. Mark says:

    Clones from China has Java OS modded to look like iOS. Don’t expect applications from Apple will work on the cloned one because they have really different OSes. Still, iPhone 4th Gen is the best.

  8. Techno wizard says:

    works excellently. for me is better than the original iphone4 because its unlocked, u can fit any Sim in it, is dual sim, works and syncs with any OS and computer, you dont need crap apple activation and authorization for it. u can do what u want with it. it is actually a completely different phone cos it uses a different OS, and runs java apps. so u can download and run any java app. obviously u wont be able to do everything the original can, but u can do it in yr own way- u will find a way around it. i find it far better than expected- i expected it to do nothing!! the music quality is better than expected. why pay US$800-900 for something that might slip from yr hand , fall or be stolen, that controls you and yr always worried abt? im still discovering it, learning how to use it- slowly- feature by feature – and find it excellent – better than the original – cos it has Chinese modified and improved the features- an im not apple controlled, fleeced or locked down by fucking apple. in fact this might prompt me to buy the iphone 5!dont know everything abt this phone yet, but seems excellent value for money to me, except for the plastic skin u can replace. seems to do everything the original does and much more!!!hee heee!it may do apple out of business!is an excellent phone & value for money.better than the expensive complicated original based on a deep complicated business model that traps you and squeezes you of all yr dollars. i like it. can modify excellent (clone). does more than the original. obviously has drawbacks that you can live with and overcome. not bad for a clone. im impressed. at $85 you wont even get a proper phone without any features anywhere else.

  9. Techno Geek says:

    Waiting for iphone 10.

  10. Techno Geek says:

    Of course, the original may of course be better.

  11. kurtz says:

    Just been down the guanzhou market everthing is fine everthing is 20% off real cost.thing going well.


  12. kostas says:

    i bought that phone… but i have a few problems , with
    WI-FI i get connect but i do not get any internet, also how can i
    turn on the flash light for the camera? how can i install any apps
    or update a firmware? My pc recognize it only as a usb-stick…!!!!
    have any one something for me… Thank you for your time…. p.s.
    sorry for my english.

  13. javier fernandez says:

    i want to bya one replica iphone 4, please i want to pay with visa

  14. A Khan says:

    hi i want to buy this phone but i want to knw will the I phone 4 apps will work on it.

  15. techno geek says:

    iphone 4 is really fantastic. but yes I also want to know, how do u get apps on it and on the copy?

  16. techno geek says:

    Of course The original is better than the copy. I think the iphone4 is really nice and fantastic.

  17. techno geek says:

    Of course the original is better than the copy. I think The iphone 4 is nice and fantastic.

  18. jv says:

    where can i buy this 85$ iphone

  19. Bob says:

    Any one can assist? what is the difference between the original Iphone 4 and the Iphone from China ?

    I am planing to buy one , but i am not sure about the cheap one

    Please help

  20. EJK says:

    I just bought a iPhone4 clone at market in Vientiane, LAOS for €55. I got caught! At best it could be used as a prop, in a bad Chinese movie I suppose! 0.3 MP camera, without flash, WiFi that wouldn’t connect to anything, only 20MB on board memory, etc, etc!
    15+ year old technology packed into (a slightly oversized) iPhone4 case!
    Lao customers just want something that looks like the latest must-have gadget to wave around, the real McCoy’s would be totally out of their price range.

  21. Jia says:

    I would buy the original iPhone 4 which is I have got it now

  22. hahahah says:

    errm people i dont think u have ever been on a iphone 4 oridinal before because its all the things you can have and i think your saying good things about the fake one because you have got it but it is apselutly crap so go get the real iphone4 its more than you think it is

  23. colin says:

    i cant get the camera light to go off on the i 4 i have to take battery out can anybody help

  24. Saeed says:

    I have the same 4g i phone chinese, how to use Wifi and other softwares on this. please send me mail if anybody knows how to use skype or facebook on this.

  25. anp says:

    anyone plz help me how can i change language from chinese to english in this mobile set…???plzzz sum freatures are in english but many are not…plxxx help me out..

  26. Ryan says:

    i live in Dubai. My wife has an original Iphone4 given by her employers the bank. recently i bought a chinese clone copy of IP4 from the global village chinese pavillion. Man this is a steal for less than $100. Looks identical, apps work, has dual camera, music, movies and bluetooth and WiFi has excellent signal.

  27. quito says:


    just bought the Hiphone 4GS – the iPhone 4 clone … what I could say .. I have paid 100 USD .. first off all, I have no problems to buy the original ip4, but … I like the Apple design very much, but I hate their marketing … they just try to rob you for any thing .. so, that’s why I use pc (i am under control of any thing i need to upgrade or install) .. that’s why i have buy windows or android phones .. or this one java iphone 4 replica .. i can install what i need .. and now some pros&cons … PROS the design is 95% of original, the touch screen is captive and responsive (no problems with it), the WiFi works with no problem, but do not expect to have it far away from your wireless … the dual sim (and this is the main thing I will choose this phone over an original apple even they will be on same price range !!!!!!) works as supposed, so, i have two phones before .. and now my pockets has more space : )) .. the signal is good … CONS .. camera is very poor, but i do not buy phones to make pictures, so i do not care, same for video … battery life, when you use WiFi it drys your battery and it’s for few hours or so .. in stand buy i have charging it every 3 days or so, which is not so bad .. in general, I wish Apple one day make dual sim phone and will unlock it’s phones and there will be freedom .. then I will buy Apple .. and now, what reason to buy 1200 USD gadget that you are not free to use??? ..

  28. quito says:

    … by the way – DO NOT BUY THE CHEEP ONES (below 80-90 USD, as they are really crap!!!

  29. ratan says:

    pls tell me hws internet starts in this phone….i hv tried 100 times….but still unable to find….

  30. techno geek says:

    The clone is definitely far better.

  31. techno geek says:

    I hope apple delays the launch of the i phone 5,6,7,8,9,10……n etc.

    The iphone4 is a good phone and I hope and wish that it lasts. What is their mad tearing hurry to introduce a new phone every year thereby eating into their own sales and revenues and harming the millions who have already paid mega bucks for theirs- now making them obsolete- what are they going to do with theirs?

  32. techno geek says:

    Apple sucks

  33. sahibjot singh grewal says:

    cool iphone i want a iphone in india how………


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