iPhone 4 FaceTime Could be Hacked to Include 3G Connection

One of the interesting features which the iPhone 4 will include will be FaceTime. FaceTime allows you to video call from iPhone to iPhone using a WiFi connection.

The problem with the feature is it doesn’t work over a 3G connection, however it would seem that hacker, Musclenerd commented on Twitter soon after the iPhone 4 was announced, that one of the reasons why you would want to jailbreak the iPhone 4 would be to offer FaceTime over a 3G connection.

“Apple just gave whole new reason to jailbreak iPhone 4: to trick FaceTime video chat to use 3G (not restrict to wifi)”

However, some have criticised the video calling feature on the iPhone 4 to be not particularly revolutionary, so whether people are even bothered about FaceTime being jailbroken on the iPhone 4 to include 3G connection still remains to be seen.

What do you think of the iPhone 4 video chat feature? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

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4 Responses to “iPhone 4 FaceTime Could be Hacked to Include 3G Connection”

  1. Paul Gannon says:

    I like this new FaceTime feature. It sounds like a great addition to a great device. However there is already a mobile to mobile ‘video’ application called knocking Live Video and it’s great. It works over 3G and WiFi.

    I don’t work for Pointy Heads (KLV creators) I just love their software and find streaming video a great innovation.

  2. Tomchap says:

    The thing with FaceTime is that everyone who purchases an iPhone 4 will have the software on the phone and the potential to video chat via wifi with anyone else. I think this will turn something that people have had to pay for (over 3G it used to cost money to video call) to something thats free and actually useful.

    Fair enough, hopefully the 3G network will keep on getting bigger so that more people can get the benefit of faster internet speeds when they are out and about and as soon as this happens im hopeful that Apple will allow FaceTime over 3G.

    Still its a useful feature thats another plus point for the iPhone 4. Yes its been around for ages but no one wanted to pay for it and it was a confusing process as you werent sure who had a 3G phone with a front facing camera. The point is the iPhone 4 will make it easy and effortless to use (we hope!)

    Roll on June 24th!

  3. Burner says:

    How is this anything new then? I mean is facetime just not a rebranded video conferancing?

  4. Bob Weiss says:

    The only reason I will not be an early adopter of the iPhone 4 is because Face Time is only able to be used over WiFi and not 3G. Once they make Face Time work over a 3G network, then I will be first in line to get the iPhone 4.


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