Audi A9 Concept with Nanotechnology – Flawless

Want a little glimpse of the future?

Imagine the year is 2020 and we’re all living in bubbles in space and being waited on by robots (if ‘Tomorrow’s World’ and ‘The Jetsons’ got it right anyway). You’ve made a small fortune somehow (completely legally we hope) and own this Audi A9. Why did you chose that car?

Well for a start it looks so damned cool. Completely whited out windows (black out is so 21st century…) which the Spanish designer, Daniel Garcia, assures us will be completely transparent from the inside. Blue trim on the wheels and sleek, smooth contours. I’m not a car person but this does look beautiful. A petrol engine controls four electric motors, making it similar to today’s hybrid cars (that’s as technical as I get on that front – sorry).

So what though? All future cars will probably be beautiful right? Ok, so here’s the cincher. The Audi A9 uses nanotechnology to ‘heal’ any unsightly little scratches, not only keeping the aesthetics exceptional, but also preventing rust damage from those tiny nicks you can’t be bothered to touch ups. Not only that, but Garcia has also adapted the technology further and predicts that it could be used to create and electronic painting system that could sweep over the car and change it’s colour. So just because you don’t like your partner’s lime green paint job doesn’t mean it’ll have to cause any arguments.

Think 2020 is a bit too soon for such a concept to be brought to life? Nope. Ten years is the predicted arrival time of the technology. So in a decade, I’ll be the one with the apparently opaque, bright pink sports car…

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4 Responses to “Audi A9 Concept with Nanotechnology – Flawless”

  1. Burner says:

    one word.Slick

  2. Kiran says:

    Yes it is a beautiful car but dont you think that the PETROL engine for the wheels will even be around then?? I think not, maybe biofuel, hydrogen, Solar or air or electrically powered but not petrol – that will be out of the dictionary!

  3. Burner says:

    Somehow I feel we still have a long way. Petrol = Money and we don’t just stop generating money.

  4. Khan says:

    innocent style


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