Apple Update Safari With Safari Reader And New Extensions

If you fired up your iMac or Macbook this morning then you will have been prompted to download Apple’s latest build of their Safari web browser.  The new Safari web browser has gained some interesting features so let’s take a look at them below…

Safari Reader is probably the best innovation; removing all ads and other visual distractions from online articles, so you get the whole story and nothing but the whole story.

It works very well and when you browse the web you will notice a reader button in the smart address bar . Once you have pressed it,  you will then be greeted with a virtual piece of paper, clutter free, and really easy to read. Controls on the bottom will allow users to change text size, email it, print it, zoom it or just marvel at how good it looks.

They’re touting even greater HTML5 support and Safari will now work with over a dozen new HTLM 5 features.  This will allow devs to create interactive content and media experience that works right in the browser – without the need for third party plug-ins.

We tested the new Safari on our Quad-core i7 and the new JavaScript engine has seen noticeable speed increases in which Apple reckon is 30 per cent faster than Safari 4.

Last but not least, DNS prefetching behind the scenes allows Domain Name System prefetching – which will see Safari find addresses on webpages to enable faster loading and faster browsing.

Have you tries the new Safari ? What do you think ? Is it the best browser in the world ?

Safari is available for free on Mac OS and Windows and is available now via the Apple.

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2 Responses to “Apple Update Safari With Safari Reader And New Extensions”

  1. Burner says:

    Safari is just not hitting off as well as firefox.

  2. Andrew says:

    Must say Firefox has impressed me ! Although I made the plunge to leave Microsoft last year and moved on to Apple after getting an iPhone and I think it was the best decision. I was forever being annoyed by Vista and wanted something simple and effective. There’s room for all these web browsers and for me Safari is the best for Apple computers. Not for windows based users though – doesn’t seem to as fast on other operating systems.


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