iPod iKaraoke: Let the Good Times Roll!

As soon as anyone hears the word karaoke everyone shakes their head with a “no, not me thanks,” before you see them 30 minutes later taking the stage with a drink in one hand and a microphone in the other. There’s something about hearing the first few chords of Summer of ’69 that makes everyone pick up their air guitar and sing along. Well now you can customise the fun times like never before with the new version iKaraoke*.

As the little “i” at the start of its name suggests, iKaroke* is an accessory for your iPod and a far better one than plain old earphones in my opinion! It works by sending the music from your iPod to your stereo without the lead vocals. This means that no matter what style of music you’re into, you will never again be confined to the old karaoke backing tracks of Abba.

So just how does this clever contraption work? Well by simply pressing a button, the iKaraoke* quietens the frequency which carries the vocals, leaving only the backing track for you to sing along to.

You can hook this nifty gadget up to your stereo using the provided line-in cable. Once set-up, you have complete control and can use iKaraoke to pause, scan forwards or backwards, add reverb or if the performance is so bad, you have the option to temporarily drop the original vocals back in.

So if your next party is starting to feel a bit slow, or you want to get your friends around but have no other excuse, bring out the iKaraoke* and watch as people shake their head with a smile, before more than willingly take centre stage in your living room.

Shop for it: Firefox for £29.95

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