iPhone 4G: Steve Jobs Says ‘You Won’t Be Disappointed’

With the release date of the iPhone 4G coming just around the corner we have heard very little from the Apple themselves about the much talked about phone…that’s apart from them threatening legal action against the missing iPhone 4G prototype a couple of weeks ago!

Well, MacRumors forumite asked Steve Jobs himself, “I hope you have some good WWDC announcements to blow [Google] out of the water,” Jobs was swift in his response: “You won’t be disappointed.”

Ok, so we already understand that the iPhone 4G, HD or whatever Apple will want to call their next generation iPhone, is expected to officially break news at the WWDC on June 7th, but nothing has been confirmed from Mr Jobs himself…well that’s until now. It would appear Apple are set to pick up pace and blow Android out of the water with their iPhone 4G.

What do you think? Which team will you be rooting for, Apple or Google? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think…

Via MacRumors

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3 Responses to “iPhone 4G: Steve Jobs Says ‘You Won’t Be Disappointed’”

  1. jaiprakash ahlawat says:

    I have heard that Google is developing a special phone for India…

    Any plans to bring a global 4G iphone for india in particular…?

    OR Apple will let its rivals take over a billion plus market.. ????

  2. Aghogho Natufe says:

    I’m an iPhone man and eagerly awaiting the 4G to replace my 3G that’s out of an O2 contract now. Not thinking android at all, not with all my iTunes purchases on both my iPod Touch and iPhone.


  1. […] 5000 people will be packed in to see the Keynote, and it will probably come of no surprise to see more and more iPhone rumours emerging, and no doubt Apple will update the world on their staggering global iPad sales in and amongst the new stuff as well…although I’d be shocked if they didn’t open the keynote with a look at those kind of figures – Steve seems to like to do that kind of thing after all! However, some sites have recently been reporting that Google’s Android platform has leapfrogged the iPhone as the most popular smartphone platform. But Jobs refutes the claims and in one of his now famously blunt e-mails to Apple fans he simply stated there is ‘not a chance’ the iPhone has been pushed aside in favour of Android. In another short e-mail he told an expectant fan ahead of the keynote that he ‘won’t be disappointed’. […]

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