Use the Force and Star in Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back

Lightsabers, camera, action!

Ever thought that Princess Leia just isn’t pretty enough? Or that Harrison Ford’s moody good looks don’t make for a good Hans Solo?

Well now you can put your own face in the frame and step into the stormtrooper fighting boots of Luke Skywalker and pals with JibJab’s special celebration of the 30th anniversary of the third (sixth…) Star Wars film. Using a similar technique to when South Park features real people you can upload a photo of yourself and your friends, hinge your jaws, and star in a (very truncated, slightly comedic) version of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

It’s pretty fun actually, selecting the exact right photo (a tip I’d give is to not zoom in too much on your face – include your ears! And try to get a photo where you’re looking straight at the camera. I always turn slightly away when someone photographs me, and it just looks a bit odd as you can see from the screenshots below). You can even sync it straight to Facebook and share your creation for everyone to comment on.

Unfortunately, if you want to do any of the other Star Wars films, you do have to subscribe which means paying. Same if you want to download your end result (otherwise I would be YouTube linking to the version I made staring myself, my boyfriend and my brother). But if you just want a way to kill 10 minutes at the office and make your boss into backstabbing Lando Calrissian (I don’t care if he comes good the traitor) then head on over to JibJab and have a play.

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