Nokia files Patent for Kinetic Energy Style Mobile Phone Batteries

Mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia have filed a patent for a self-regenerating phone battery which will essentially harvest kinetic energy.

The technology has already been used in laptop, PDA and GPS receivers, however Nokia want to use this to power part of their mobile phone devices to harvest “piezoelectric kinetic energy”. So if Physics wasn’t your strong point at school, what does this description mean and how will it work?

It means that the device will partly be powered by the movements of its owner, similar to the concept of kinetic powered watches, which uses movement to charge their batteries. It is proposed by Nokia that it components such as the phone’s battery or radio transmitter circuits will come into contact with a capacitor and charge the battery.

So how seriously do we think Nokia will take this patent? Well Nokia does have a history of being environmentally friendly and as there is an expected rise of mobile phone consumption in the future, so it looks as though if Nokia decides to pursue this type of technology then it could definitely be a step in the right direction.

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One Response to “Nokia files Patent for Kinetic Energy Style Mobile Phone Batteries”

  1. Aljosa says:

    I know this is an old article, but… did this idea ever come to life? It would be very nice for the phone and for me, to charge it during walking, running, bicycling. I now have Android phone, and the battery on it lasts a day at best. I only dream of this kind of technology :)


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