PlayStation 3 Larger Models Suffering from Network Login Problems

Are you experiencing a “8001050F” login error on your PlayStation 3? Well, it would appear you’re not alone as more owners of the PlayStation 3 console are suffering from the same technical problem.

Many people are claiming that they can’t access information stored on the PlayStation Network. As well as this the error seems to be stopping users from accessing online content as well as playing a few games offline.

Forum members are saying the problem is affecting owners of the older ‘fat’ models of the Playstation 3, causing users to annoyingly loose trophies as a result. However, it has been confirmed by Sony that the slim PS3s (the 120/250 GB models) appear to be unaffected.

According to Sony’s US PlayStation blog, the company has “narrowed down the issue and have engineers working to restore service even as you read this.”

So as affected PlayStation owners are itching to get back on their consoles, there has been no indication on the time it will take to fix and how they will do this, so we’ll keep you updated as an when we receive information.

Are you experiencing this Sony PlayStation 3 problem? What has happened as a result of it? Leave us a comment and share your woes…

Update 02/03/2010: Sony have advised the problem has been sorted.  Check out our update here

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36 Responses to “PlayStation 3 Larger Models Suffering from Network Login Problems”

  1. aaron says:

    ive only just experienced this problem(8001050f) 1/03/2010. ive been reading on many sites that this problem started 1/02/2010, so why has it took so long to affect my ps3?

  2. DEKTHESCOT says:

    date on my ps3 was changed automatically to 31 dec 1999, ive changed it back manually but this has made no difference, how long will sony take to fix this one? will they be able to and will i get a brand new slimline ps3 if they cant fix it? its sony fault, sony must fix.

  3. conor says:

    got pluracy yesterday so all i can do is stay in bed…thought ps3 online wud pass the time but cant log in :[

  4. kris_the_bhoy_in_scotland says:

    I’m havin’ the same problem too, was working fine last nyt and now this … WTF!!! Sony had better be able to fix this ’cause I’ll be screwed if I’m buying one of those cheap slimline versions and giving up playing any of my PS2 and classic PSOne games!

    Hope they fix this before I get back from work!

  5. lazzaafc says:

    this all started saturday where it was saying my cc detials are not valid when adding funds to wallet got so annoyed gave up on it came sunday and it worked then on monday it wont let me sign in to psn please fix this sony also my trophys dont load correctly i go 2 play fiffa 10 it wont let me for some reason online id larrybyrne

  6. rob says:

    i got the error last night in the uk about 2 am and it has stopped working with any game since then !

    i wonder how sony fix or update a ps3 that wont connect to update it!

    very annoying and worrying and i dont know if my trophies are safe or not in the hands of sony. better be!

    fix it quick ffs

  7. Kman says:

    Sony!!!!!!!!!! Fix this problem damn it. Can’t even use modern warfare 2 offline now because of some trophy bullshit

  8. Damien Walshe says:

    Not happy Jan,

    bought modern warfare yesterday and got to play a few hours. I was keen as to play following night and bingo bango get the same problem as the rest of you unhappy chapy’s. I want a new slim for the inconvenience

  9. J says:

    Sony really are taking their sweet time over this, and with next to no info at all about the problem I feel kinda left in the dark as I’m sure do many others. Hope they sort this within a reasonable time :/

  10. Phil says:

    Yeah, I have the same problem, same error code 8005010F. I’m not sure that they could fix this though. There must be a lot of unhappy people out there. There will be many that haven’t experienced this yet I’m sure.

  11. billy vice says:

    im not ill and had a day off work thought i would catch up with the ranking up on c.o.d then this.i been with ps all my life but im getting sick of this and if it contiues then im going to be very tempted to go with the xbox as some of my friends have them and i never hear of this going on.if they want to keep people getting the ps3 then they need to make things a hole lot better.o and we all want compo.

  12. billy vice says:

    we have a right to know when we can go back if any one from sony sees this then email me when its on

  13. gaz says:

    i noticed i was being sighed out alot prior to this fault, so maybe it was bound to happen but cant understand why they have’nt spotted this before and reacted quicker.

  14. Emmet says:

    just turned on ps3 = got this problem,i thought mine was a vet! iv had it 4 3 years with no prob at all.. yet all my friends new systems have been breaking constantly! hope its fixed soon! if not, how do i get compensation??

  15. mike says:

    iv been trying to play my ps3 games all day any news on when they will work ? i cant even play offline never mind online aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

  16. hanksy_1991 says:

    iv got the same problem as any1 got the number for sony uk goin give thm an ear bashing

  17. SLEEPER-74 says:

    since 2am this morning i can’t sign in to playstation 3 network i same to have lost call of duty on my trophys screen i hope sony fix it soon as i have 97% of call of duty done please fix it sony

  18. adam says:

    just put my ps3 on from coming back home from school. was looking to get 5th preistige today and bullshit ps3 not connecting. if anyone knows how to fix it or when it will get fixed share with all us ps3 users :)

  19. Dan says:

    I had this same problem some months ago in 2009. I m not shure if it was the exact same numbers but almost. The good news for me are the PS3 got fixed by itself some days later. Right now, i m not having any problems, but almost all my friends that have PS3 have that same issue. I have a 160G PS3, but it isnt slim, I dont know if that makes any difference. I just hope mine doesn t get that error. I would like to now if there is anyone whose PS is 160G and has my same case. Good luck…..

  20. selfsilent says:

    Oh no, looks like some of you might have to get a life now instead!

  21. Tommyboy says:

    Its taking the piss!

  22. connor says:

    sony s out of orderr if this problem accured last ,month then they should of awared us and fix it

  23. Dan says:

    Some friends of mine talked with sony on the phone and they told them the problem would be fixed tomorow. My PS is all right I just hope it doesnt get screwed as well…

  24. chris says:


  25. Kal says:

    I lost my map packs for COD world at war as well as not being able to login online. I hope If this problem is fixed and the packs aren’t returned that I will get reimbursement for the wallet ammount used to purchase them.

  26. tax_your_ass says:

    wtf sony better fix or i will go postal and im not kidding this bullshit i payed sixhondred dollars 4 min and thay better fix it soon

  27. Michael says:

    hi i dont see why everyone is getting so angry at playstation it is a technical difficulty and yeah we are all annoyed but swearing is not going to make them work faster. And as to some comments making threats about switching to xbox because of this first problem go ahead change and deal with the red ring of death and pay 40 pound a year for online you silly children. Thanks for your time hope the problem is fixed soon. Cheers

  28. SLEEPER-74 says:

    i have lost my zombies packs & call of duty world at war on my trophy screen i no sony has said that the problem will be fixed on 2/3/2010 cheers sony.

  29. jammin_91 says:

    you would of thaught sony would of thaught about this earlier on, mine was workin fine untill today n that stupid error comes up. they need to sort it ASAP is that for deff there fixing it on 2.3.10?

  30. cain says:

    thats awesome that there fixing it, i have the 160gb and i cant sign in but i can play offline game, i hope today that problem is solved

  31. THEO says:

    hi i dont see why everyone is getting so angry at playstation BE CAZ WE PLAY WITH YR FRES FOR FREE

  32. THEO says:


  33. theo says:

    i got the 500gb yh is going to hapen in 2014 and that thing did not hapen to my ps3 be caz i was on it i got 6 ps3 becaz i can uplod the xbox shff on it

  34. theo says:


  35. n.r says:

    I WANT TO FUCKING KILL MYSELF. PLAYSTATION BASTARDS, there mentt be fucking proffesional, moist twats!!!

  36. John Davidson says:

    a can not login to my main account, now a want someone to tell me from SONY to get this sorted b4 a go & buy maself a bloody XBOX…….


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