Windows Phone 7 Series Handset Revealed with Details of Specs and Rumoured Release Dates

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Windows Phone 7 was revealed to the world during the Engadget Show on Saturday.

The phone shown at show was an early prototype of the LG-made QWERTY slider.  Sporting a similar appearance to the eXpo (LG’s handset revealed last December), very little has been confirmed about the device itself apart from its 5 megapixel camera. However, expect it to include a three-button interface, a fast processor and an 800×480 or larger touchscreen to meet Microsofts chassis guidelines.

One of the interesting things that came out the discussion with company’s Aaron Woodman was he was fairly tight lipped on whether or not phone like the HTC HD2 would qualify for an upgrade and whether the it would be open to syncing with other platforms, such as Macs. This does suggest that maybe the Windows Phone 7, will not include these features and that is reason why Woodman kept his lips firmly closed to avoid disappointment to the tech world at this early stage.

So when is the expected release date of the Windows Phone 7 on LG? Aaron Woodman did clarify that it could come in the middle of “wave” of the holiday season. So when they mean the middle ‘wave’ of the holiday season, could this be the Christmas shopping season which starts as early as October? If that is the case then are we expecting a November release? Now it is all speculation at the moment, however the dates do add up as only last week it was confirmed by LG that their new LG Window Phone 7 could potentially see a release between September and November.  Whatever is the case, expect the phone to smartphone spark a war in the smartphone arena at the end of this year.

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  1. Jenko says:

    The HTC HD2 will never be upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 Series. Never.

    It lacks the 3 button controls and other mandated hardware. Microsoft recently made an announcement about this in APC mag.


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