iPhone 4G Release Date Proposed for April 2011 as 4G Chip Won’t Be Ready?

Rumours of the iPhone 4G’s features, symptoms specifications and releases dates have be filtering around in the tech world for quite some time now. As well as this, one important thing which the iPhone 4G is expected to include is an increase in operating system to include fourth generation communication.

Tech blog, MacVideo caught up with Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Lars Johnson from Beceem to discuss the evolution of 4G technology.

Beceem are known for making components that make wireless communication possible, and they have managed to create a 4G chip called BCS5000. The 4G chip is said to have speeds which are standard for 4G and use WiMax and LTE which make it compatible with most 4G capabilities on the market.

Speeds on the 4G are meant to be between 100-150 Mbps for one device, which to make things a little simpler, it is expected to be ten times quicker than your current generation communication, so essentially the 4G device should be the fastest and most powerful yet.

However Beceem announced that this super powerful 4G chip and its component would not be shipped to device manufacturers for mass production until Q2 of 2011, and with rumours that the iPhone 4G could see a release date of possibly summer 2010, we are faced with two possibilities. Firstly, will Apple go ahead with its original release date of June/July and risk not including this super fast 4G chip or secondly maybe we are looking at an iPhone 4G release date of April 2011? For now we will just have to wait and see once the rumoured iPhone 4G is announced. Maybe Apple has something up its sleeve which we just don’t know about?

What do you think? Do you think Apple will compromise its iPhone 4G release date for April 2011 to ensure that they include this super fast 4G chip or do you think they have something in store that we just don’t know about and all will be revealed when the next generation phone is announced? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think?

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13 Responses to “iPhone 4G Release Date Proposed for April 2011 as 4G Chip Won’t Be Ready?”

  1. internutt says:

    Beceem has always played it close to the chest. I suspect that they are working hard to get those chips embedded in the apple iPhone for 4/10 launch. Bet on it. Beceem goes public this year acc to IPO search.

  2. Angry says:

    The secrets are getting on my last nerve!! Why so secret?! Just tell us! I would buy a 3gs today If apple announced that the 4g will not be out for a year. Right now I’m sticking it out waiting for the 4g. I’m going to be p**** if I waited for nothing. Why set everyone up to be dissapointed,, JUST TELL US!!

  3. Shev23 says:

    even if this chip is supposedly not ready, it would be for the the 5th generation iphone (if the trend of year on year summer releases continues). I imagine they could probably run with the ipads A1 chip if this 4g one isn’t ready.

    to be honest, they could release a 4th generation iphone with the same spec as the 3gs aside from a better camera and battery and it’ll still sell.

  4. tell me NOW says:

    it was my birthday a month ago and i said that i will wait 4 the 4g 2 come out but now they are saying that it will come out next year i might as well buy the 3gs now what should I do wait or should i buy the 3gs? HELP!

  5. Common Sense says:

    Buy it now or wait? Well, that’s not a hard choice really is it? Everyone knows that it will be announced soon if it is to go on sale July. Apple always release their summer product line in April/May for release in June/July. You’ve waited this long, wait a little bit longer. If it isn’t out in the summer, then you’ll just have to get the 3Gs and wait for the 4G. Sheesh, it’s not rocket science. Be patient, wait a few months and see.

  6. DUH says:

    no sh*t sherlock holmes that you have to wait and if it doesn’t come then buy the 3Gs. Point is some people do not have time sitting around doing nothing like you to think of all these great ideas about to wait or not to wait for the 4Gs. Common sense? More like DUH! no brainer stupid sense. Dumbass.

  7. irshad says:

    let me know when iphone 4g is released…

  8. Matt Hawkes says:

    Yawn… Android phones are rapidly becoming better spec’d out than the iPhone. Im going to grab a HTC Desire which beats the iPhone in almost every department and is free with my network instead of a couple of hundred quid.

  9. jason says:

    hwo much

  10. NotSoSimple says:

    To the people who say just wait and if it isn’t released buy a 3gs. You’re silly.
    Apple are not just gunna announce that the 4g won’t be for a year. When it gets to August there will be rumours that the phone will be released in September and once it’s September, they’ll say October!
    What we want is a definite answer. Will we get it this year or next year?
    Sadly, I doubt we’ll be finding out anytime soon :(

  11. rere says:

    apple is def. lauching the iphone this year…
    if it doesn’t do so, nobody will buy the iphone for the next months waiting for the new version of it.
    they def. lauching it soon. ˆ

  12. asthmaticant says:

    Knowing Apple they will most likely release the iPhone 4G without the 4G chip in the summer and then sometime next year just release a 4GS or equivalent with the new chip. That way they’ll maximise profits just like they’ve done with the current iPhone models


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