iPhone 4G Release Date Confirmed After Prototype Image Appears?

After the announcement of iPad, asthma everyone has gone a little crazy about the news, capsule specs and the potential shipping dates, viagra however one thing which a lot of people were looking forward to was Apple also offering more details about the rumoured iPhone 4G.

With the iPad release overshadowing any other news in the gadget world, you might have forgotten the speculation surrounding the iPhone 4G. We know that it is rumoured to have an improved camera, OLED screen and even a touch sensitive case, however I am pretty sure if anyone owns a iPhone 3G, they maybe due for an upgrade shortly, but like me are deliberating on whether to wait for the iPhone 4G.

Now, we did discuss that the iPhone 4G could be released in sometime in mid 2010, and with this next photo showing a blurry cosmetic make up of the phone, we could in actual fact hear the release the iPhone 4G beckoning closer to the predicted release of summer 2010.

So what is this blurry picture we’re talking about here? Engadget released a picture during the announcement of the Apple iPad but because the hype was all about the iPad, this is picture of what appears to be a prototype iPhone 4G had been floating around in the public domain unsuspected for over a week and it is only until now that AppleInsider revealed that this could actually be the prototype for the Apple next generation phone.

As this picture is quite hard to decipher, AppleInsider could only really comment on the aesthetics of this supposed iPhone 4G model.  It’s a shame that the news wasn’t a little more about the inside of the phone, but with just a blurry picture we’d be clutching at straws to think it could be anything else.

However, what is interesting is that if there is an iPhone 4G prototype on the loose then the summer release date doesn’t look to far-fetched. However, I don’t know whether this release date could be a good thing for Apple especially with the release of the iPad set for March/April time. Maybe this is why Apple are keeping tight lipped about the release date of the new iPhone 4G, as it means that Apple lovers could shun the iPad and instead wait a few more months to get their hands on the more powerful iPhone 4G?

Let us know what you think? Do you the release of the Apple iPhone 4G is set for a summer release or do you think the speculation is all wrong and Apple will wait for iPad to be gain a foothold in the market before it releases the iPhone 4G? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think?

Via Apple Insider

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113 Responses to “iPhone 4G Release Date Confirmed After Prototype Image Appears?”

  1. Leighton says:

    Hey i noticed a lot of you commenting on i-phone calling it the I-Phone 4G but i got a feeling this phones doesn’t support 4G as they haven’t mentioned it at all on the apple site! and i would of thought that they would of been bragging about this new feature along with multi tasking, better camera and video recording etc!?
    And all over there website it just says I-Phone 4, if it supported 4G wouldn’t it be called the I-Phone 4G???
    Maybe its me just being skeptical. Whats your thoughts?

  2. Jas says:

    It’s not called the 4G cause it’s not going to use a 4G network . The 4G network doesn’t exist yet . Atleast not in England . I’m guessing June 2011 will be when the iPhone 4G is released. The way apple is going I’m gonna have a cupboard full of out of date apple products in a year or two .

  3. mariam says:

    i think that thier should luanch then iphone 4g around january

  4. mary says:

    i reallyw ant the iphone 4g but i think its a little over prised but im saving up for it though.
    love Mary

  5. Ben says:

    Well it’s not named the iPhone 4g, it’s just 4.
    All details are found on the Apple.com webpage.

  6. michael says:

    Just preordered the black iphone 4, I can’t wait. surprisingly I asked the apple store what there sales were like for the ipad and at that store they were sold out and they have had about 1000 preorders for the iphone 4!!!

    its gonna be good!

  7. Chris says:

    O2 are giving this aay to existing customers and you can buy your way out of your plan for £20 for each outstanding month.

    Only glitch, each store is only getting about 25 phones a week so you gotta get in there quick started today 24th June

  8. Lino Mckosky says:

    I received my new iPhone and the estimates about the bad reception when you hold the phone with your left hand are true. Will Jobs make this right?

  9. TV says:

    there is no cool features in Iphone. Iphone software sucks cant do anything with it!! And everything opens a new program, Horrible way to make phone apps.

  10. Megan says:

    Does anyone know when the iphone 4 will be out on o2 for new o2 customers for contract?

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  12. Fernando says:

    O2 are giving this aay to existing customers and you can buy your way out of your plan for £20 for each outstanding month.

    Only glitch, each store is only getting about 25 phones a week so you gotta get in there quick started today 24th June

  13. man van says:

    great stuff thanks for sharing it with us


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