Apple Tablet Rumour: Could Apple’s Lawyer Have Confirmed its Existence?

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The Apple Tablet seems to be the most wanted gadget at the moment. Apple hasn’t even announced it existence to the public however it would appear that everyone is fighting to grab a piece of the Apple pie.

A couple of days ago, Gossip blog, Valleywag announced that they would even pay a pretty penny for a piece of the pie by offering anyone a ‘reward’ from $10,000 (to show pictures of the device) to $100,000 (if they could play with the device).

However, it would appear Valleywag’s reward prize was a little short lived when Attorney Michael C. Spillner of prestigious Silicon Valley firm Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe reeled off a letter to Valleywag’s parent company, Gawker Media, which included the following:

“I am writing on behalf of Apple regarding the notices on and Web sites that Gawker Media will pay someone a financial reward for sending you photos, video, or a sample of an unannounced and highly confidential Apple product.”

As well as this he had also stipulated:

“As your offer acknowledges, Apple has maintained the types of information and things that you are soliciting–“how it’ll work, the size, the name, the software,” as well as any possible details about the product’s appearance, features, and physical samples–in strict confidence. Anyone who might have access to such information would be bound under the strictest contractual obligations not to disclose the information to third parties.”

Although the letter wasn’t confirmation on the product itself, it does make you wonder why Apple’s attorney had reacted in such a manner? His ‘warning’ to Valleywag about their ‘unannounced and highly confidential Apple product’, may suggest that they are wanting to keep this Apple product under wraps and for Gawker to be breaking laws if they disclose trade secrets. However, without breaking any laws or getting into trouble, I would say that this is just speculation!

Until then we will just have to wait until January 26th to see if anything is revealed about this ‘rumoured’ Apple Tablet.

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