Google Nexus One: Only Sold 20,000 in 1st Week

Since the announcement of the Google Nexus phone being sold in the US, mobile application analytics company Flurry have released sales figures to show that Google may have only sold 20,000 in their first week.

After being dubbed by Google as a ‘superphone’, it’s superphone status was tarnished when their phone was plagued with complaints from customers regarding their unresponsive 3G, their minimal customer service support and more recently their confusion with their service installation charges, so it is not surprising that Google should be disappointed with their sales figures.

Also, further to this, Flurry compared figures with its competition, the Motorola DROID, which sold 250,000 and the iPhone 3GS which sold a staggering 1.6m handsets in their first week, which conclusively showed that things are not looking good for the Nexus One.

Although the figures are just guesses and no official figures have been released, it should be noted that in the past Flurry has been fairly accurate in giving estimates on first week sales because they have built up a good relationships with 10,000 Android and iPhone app developers to find out how much of their software has been used and therefore making educated guess on the first week figures for the iPhone, Motorola DROID and now the Nexus One.

So what do we think was the reason for these disappointing sales figures? Well, many believe that there has been very little marketing from Google or T-Mobile USA regarding the Nexus One, especially as technology blog Gigaom reported that after speaking to Google’s boss, Andy Rubin, he explained, “Google didn’t spend a lot of money on marketing — that isn’t part of the plan”. This comment does make you wonder. Surely, if Google wanted to benchmark itself against the iPhone then it should have taken some notes regarding its lucrative marketing and advertising campaign.

Also, some might say that maybe it was just the wrong time to launch the phone, especially with the Christmas period and with purse strings tight. They should have either waited a while after this period or maybe given their development team a push to launch it just in time for Christmas to guarantee the gift sales.

What do you think is the reason for Nexus One’s poor first week sales? Do you agree it is to do with their 3G problems or is it more deep rooted with their lack of marketing or wrong launch date? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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2 Responses to “Google Nexus One: Only Sold 20,000 in 1st Week”

  1. Victor Foster says:

    If they want to be a retailer they will need to have a flagship store in major towns. I wanted to buy the new mobile, but could only find two online suppliers here in the UK – I want a clear returns policy – I want a good customer support and I want product visability on the high street.

    I will not be buying until launch issues have been resolved and even then because of lack of retailers selling the product it is too much of a struggle to buy one.

    I have a sim only mobile contract and prefer to own my own mobile.

  2. iPhoneKönig says:

    Eher unwahrscheinlich, dass “Nexus One” wurde am Verkaufstart gerade mal 20,000 verkauft im Gegensatz zum iPhone 3Gs wurde es 1,6 Millionen Mal über den Ladentisch gereicht.


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