iPhone 4G: Is it Really Coming in May?

Spring is always a great time for the dawn of new products to hit the market especially within the tech world and it looks as though Apple may also be wanting feel the fresh breeze of spring as rumours fly that their next gen iPhone (4G model) could be announced in May rather than the official announcement in June.

So how have these speculation arisen? Rumours came from French website Challenge.FR, who revealed that we were likely to see the next generation iPhone in May this year. French magazine also speculated that the reason for Apple pushing forward their iPhone 4G release date was because of rumours that their competitor Google would be launching their next phone, the Nexus Two at a similar time.

However, it does make you wonder whether these rumours are actually true. Do you think Apple are really threatened by Google’s next phone, the Nexus Two given the complaints the current Nexus One is facing regarding its spotty 3G and lack of customer support? We even have to wonder whether any phone could compete with Apple’s iPhone, so if someone asked me whether these rumours were true I would say that I wouldn’t take it as gospel. Surely, Apple would wait until June so that they could check out the competition before the release their killer 4G iPhone. What do you think?

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Update: iPhone 4G may include a touch sensitive case.  Read more about it here.

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40 Responses to “iPhone 4G: Is it Really Coming in May?”

  1. Who? says:

    No volume rocker in the mockup = fake.

  2. JOHN GREGORY says:


  3. GadgetGirl says:

    John – not too sure about them letting you upgrade early. That would be something you would need to speak to regarding your network provider

  4. Specsavers says:

    The rocker is clearly visible on the right hand “side on” image actually. Not saying it isn’t a fake but that aint the reason…

  5. viewer says:

    i think Apple is going to make a big BAAAAM!!! They will release iPhone 4G earlier with the n ew software 4.0 without warning…

  6. I think I’ll be waiting until I upgrade my current iphone 3G

  7. ljb says:

    I only know one thing, IF it does ACTUALLY turn out to look like this, put me on the pre-order list NOW ! (minus the battery cover…. cuz thats just ugly)

  8. Ryan says:

    Does anyone know if this is actually going to be produced or not? is there any way of finding out?

  9. Dan H says:

    Steve Jobs – give us the flash player plug-in please! Do this and I will happily upgrade my iPhone to the 4g if and when it comes out!

  10. dialup 247 says:

    A part of me really hopes they don’t release it anytime soon cos I just upgraded to the 3gs for another 18 months! I couldn’t wait any longer!

    It would serve me right there for being so impatient, lol!!

    And nope, don’t like the look of it. its to sharp around the edges!!

  11. davehayes says:

    apple will never give you a flashplayer plugin. apple and adobe do not do business together regarding flash player and have sworn never to do so. html5 is becoming more popular anyway so why drain an iphone battery even faster than it does now with flash? if you must have flashplayer though….jailbreak!! ( its shit )

  12. gaythan says:

    you really think they will release iphone 4g if there is goin to be one before they release there new ipod touch i think they will try and get there money from that first

  13. MarketMan says:

    when will people realise all these speculations, rumors and images that goes with all apple products before they are released, is all done by steve and his incredible marketing team, its perfect, watching everyone in the world via the web get excited and speak of what they cant wait to see or what they dont want to see in the next product no other company in the world has this sort of ‘fanbase’ giving constant input, you guys want it in may, get everyone to scream for it

  14. Nathan says:

    Does anyone know how much the New 4G iPhone will cost in £ or $ or will it be available to buy sooner and cheaper from the far east?

    Any extra info on this would be very appreciated.

  15. Dave says:

    You people make me laugh, do you seriously think Apple has given any information what so ever to anyone about the new i-phone? if so then you clearly have no idea how Apple operate, this is all pure speculation and its laughable that you all get sucked into it, just wait and untill Apple officialy announce it, then there’s reason to get excited. im off to start a rumor that the new i-phone will be able to wipe your arse, you lot would believe it.

  16. Nicki says:

    We are all waiting for the new iphone after such a disappointing upgrade from the 3g to the 3gs. but Apple are so hush hush it would be silly to get excited just yet about the date.

  17. It won’t come out in May no, I believe it will come out in June/July like all the other iPhones have for previous years.

  18. alex says:

    i so hope the iphone 4g will come out before november cos my friend wants one n she always gets stuff better than me soooooo plz hope its out before her contracts runs out in nov…
    alex xxxx

  19. twofootlong says:

    This is clearly just a mockup someone has done on a home pc.
    Whilst it is pretty obvious it will be out mid june time this clearly is not it.This doesnt even have a flash or a 5mp camera (which if most of the rumours are to be believed is a key point to the new phone). I hope they do include a removable battery in the actual phone though because having had to reciently change the battery on my 3g its something i NEVER want to do again.

  20. Apple Yum Yum says:

    Can you get it in black?? I think it would look better like that.

  21. Shane says:

    RE: Comment by Who? on January 13, 2010 @ 12:05 am

    ” No volume rocker in the mockup = fake. ”

    so are you saying any phone without a hardware volume switch is a fake ? strange that …
    maybe they decided to add a software slider instead and save money on build and parts?


  22. Shane says:

    I think the launch will be kept quiet so they can shift all the 3GS models … i’m sticking with my non-S phone on rolling monthly contract till they launch 4G ;-)

  23. Twofootlong says:

    I think this is a pointless discussion now as we have by now all seen the real design for the iPhone 4g unless you have been living on the moon. Lol.

  24. Vibhor Goyal says:

    When do you expect iPhone 4G to show up?

  25. Anthony Andrews says:

    Why doesnt everyone wait until they give us a date on apple web site. They are all very hush hush bout there products and will be on this one too. I work for O2 and last year they only let us have the product 2 days before launch to play/(product training) about with.

  26. Anthony Andrews says:

    Oh and 3gs models will sell for another year cos they appeal to the more cost minded customers as did/is the 3g model.

  27. Marc Sampson says:

    I am currently wanting an iPhone badly, as I don’t have one at the moment, but thought it might be worth waiting for the 4G to be avaialble to see what deals you can get on it, and you also might get cheaper deals on the 3GS.

  28. louise says:

    i think it sounds really nicee ,, very decent annd high dech . i really want this iphone to come out as soon as possible becuase i need to buy an new fonne and i dnt wonna go and buy the iphone 3gs if in a few months there is gonna b a new one out , and also a girl i dnt lke just got the iphone and she wont b able to get this onne ,, i dnt wanbt her to copy mee ,, soo i really want this too come outt soon .

  29. Jmaes says:

    My contract is finished on my current iphone, I need it to come out soon. Please

  30. IT Rush says:

    Love it actually, very useful and entertaining.

  31. Keep this in mind the “iphone 4g” is not 4g capable hense the name iphone 4.. so it just runs on the 3g network… common sense

  32. I think the launch will be kept quiet so they can shift all the 3GS models … i’m sticking with my non-S phone on rolling monthly contract till they launch 4G ;-

  33. IPhone 4G is brillant, well worth the wait


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