BMW Starts Trialling Electric MINI

BMW MINI EThe auto blog reviews for cars has revealed that BMW have started trialling electric powered MINIs in the UK. This is the first UK trial for real world drivers to experience a fast charging electric car under everyday conditions.

BMW is striving to create the zero emissions vehicles of tomorrow and to help it in this task it has handed over forty electric MINI E cars to their test drivers, medstore who are all members of the public. This field trial will evaluate the psychological, health social and technical aspects of living with an electric car. The findings will be used to help guide power providers, policy makers and component manufacturers in their decision making about the cars of the future.

The front wheel drive, two-seater MINI E uses a single-stage helical gearbox which powers the MINI E seamlessly to 62 mph in 8.5 seconds and on to an electronically limited top speed of 95 mph. Although based on the familiar MINI Hatch the MINI E is a two-seater because the space normally used by rear passengers is reserved for the lithium-ion battery.

This state-of-the-art rechargeable battery unit combines high output with ample storage capacity and a remarkable power output. A full recharge draws a maximum of 28 kilowatt hours of electricity from the grid. Each kilowatt hour translates into 5.4 miles giving the MINI E a theoretical range of over 150 miles.

What do you think? Are electric cars really the future? Are the days of the petrol station numbered?


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3 Responses to “BMW Starts Trialling Electric MINI”

  1. Andrew says:

    well im not inpressed by current electric cars,i understand what they want to acheve, and with the rising cost of fuel i would happily buy one…, but what puts me off and alot of others is the fact they all look like toys, they look nothing like a “car”, when they start making “nice” looking versions the general public may be intrested, but until then with these lets face it rubbish designs the only people who will buy electric cars are the blind or people with no fashion sense, not to menchen they are incredibly SMALL i men what if i want to fit a sofa in the boot or a few bags of shopping?

  2. LumenArc says:

    Green they are meant to be but to produce electricity in most countries is nuclear fuel – not environmentally freindly. Nevertheless, it’s never going to hit off because too much revenue will be lost should eveyone move away from petrol cars.


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