Stop dropping all your cables with CableDrop

cabledropComing from the box marked ‘incredibly obvious names’ is a new solution for all those cables that you have plugged into the computer that don’t really need to be there. Looking at mine for instance, I have the power lead, a USB mobile Internet dongle thingy, and the charging / file transfer lead for my Nokia, plus the cable on the floor not plugged in which includes the speakers, my ear phones, webcam and microphone.

Eight cables. Most of them ready to trip me up whenever I try to move the laptop to a different room, and then disappear never to be found again when I really need them. CableDrop could now be the answer to my needs. Totally simple, they’re pretty much just coloured clips which you can attach to any flat smooth surface. They hold your cables in place, and when you unplug them STILL hold them in place so that you’re not stuck scrabbling around behind your desk for the Internet cable when your wireless cuts out.

Not just for use with computer cables obviously. Keep your phone cables out of the way, your various gadget chargers stuck to the wall where you can see them (it can’t be just me who owns four phone chargers and can never find any of them). They could even be used to grip keys, or pens and pencils so you don’t lose them either.

In fact I’m considering buying some just so that I can find alternative uses…

You get a pack of six, three different colours, and can choose from muted shades or bright colours depending which is going to fit in best with your decor.

Buy them at Bluelounge for $9.95

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