Stylophone Beatbox: Hip Hop the Hippie!

stylophone_beatbox‘I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop the rock it to the bang bang boogie…’. Anyone remember those lyrics from the Sugarhill Gang back in 1979?

Even if you weren’t born in that decade you will have still heard the lyrics at some point and tried to embarrassingly rap to the words without getting tongue twisted!

Well, it’s time to bring back some good old nostalgia as I introduce to you the ultimate gadget gift for wannabe rappers, MCs or people who are just wanting to have a crack at some beat boxing. The Stylophone Beatbox is an upgrade from last year’s best selling gift, the Stylophone.

This new Stylophone model “focuses on the unique key benefits and features of the original whilst offering new technology and more up to date sound”. Created by human beatboxer MC Zani, this circular keyboard has 13 metal sound pads that will play a different percussion sound.

You have 3 different sound sets to choose from: Drum Kit, Beatbox and Bass Stylophone, as well as a scratch function to give that added MC starry-eyed quality. More specifically the scratch box offers you the ability to mix up your sounds, record them, change tempo and play sounds over the top of the box. And it gets better! It has manual pitch control, volume control (so you don’t want to blow your ear drums) and best of all MP3 capability so you can listen to your musical masterpiece whenever you please!

If you’re stuck for gift ideas then this is definitely one of my favourites for any beat boxing and music loving wannabe.




Check out the video below to see how addictively fun it can be for anyone who manages to get their hands on one!

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4 Responses to “Stylophone Beatbox: Hip Hop the Hippie!”

  1. LumenArc says:

    Oh my god! this is so cool. The video was fab! Very entertaining.

  2. rs5t8dur says:

    this stylophone beatbox is shit!!! broken twice now!!!! i know its only cheap but
    is it supposed to fuck up after half an hour of playing ?!?! first one lasted about
    2 hours…..getting seriously pissed at wasting money on something that obviously
    has a design fault that the manufacturers are aware of but still selling them!!!


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