Sponsored: Don’t Get Stung by the Internet Data Snatchers!

As the Internet is frequently becoming part of our everyday working and social life, you would be surprised how much sensitive and personal data is communicated over the web.

After watching this video about Data Snatchers I was shocked at how easy it is for internet thieves to be hiding, waiting to access your credit card details, your private files and steal your identity.

Don’t think that if your name isn’t ‘Jane’ then you’ll be safe of these Data Snatchers. The ‘It can never happen to me’ attitude is exactly what Jane must have been thinking in this video when these malicious internet thieves decided to steal her credit card details, access her personal email and extremely personal photos! Definitely cringe worthy and serious stuff!

Watch this video below and judge for yourself.

Scary stuff indeed! So just some friendly advice fellow Gaj-it readers:

Be afraid, all those private details you think are safe, well think again. Data Snatchers can steal your data even from websites you think are safe. Before you know it they’ll have your credit card details, private files and your identity.

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4 Responses to “Sponsored: Don’t Get Stung by the Internet Data Snatchers!”

  1. Now not a single day can be assumed without internet … So, there might be the chances of data snatching may be possible and this must have to be protected..and this is really an hazardous thing.. One should find the way to prevent it will be an appreciable thing.

  2. jox mcrox says:

    Darn those pesky McRuskies! always scammin ma bird Jane!


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