Snow Leopard Selling Faster Than Leopard!

Undeniably, Apple’s new breed of software Snow Leopard is not flying off the shelves but after two weeks of sales, early signs are good and are far exceeding predictions selling twice as much as Leopard did and four times as much as Tiger did.snowleopardbox

This is what the NPD group found, which does it’s best to track retail statistics for many industries. Sales of Snow Leopard actually declines about 25% from week one to week 2, which is again much Leopard and Tiger did. However one main thing to point out here is that there is a considerable price difference in Snow Leopard, so this could add to the considerably higher success rate Snow Leopard has seen. “Even though some considered Snow Leopard to be less feature-focused than the releases of Leopard or Tiger, the ease of upgrading to Snow Leopard and the affordable pricing made it a win-win for Apple computer owners — thus helping to push sales to record numbers” said Steven Baker, Vice President at NPD.

The update to Snow Leopard has been a bit rocky and bumpy for some with some reports saying it wasn’t able to install at all, but for most the update has been smooth with no problems. What have you experienced?

The release of Windows 7 will be an interesting one then, as we know that Microsoft’s sales will far exceed Apple’s because a lot more people use Windows than Mac around the world, but will Microsoft see such an increase in sales as Apple did….I don’t think they will if I’m honest, just because of the pure amount they need to sell!

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