Competition: Win a LG W2353 Monitor

LG_w531_winIf you remember a couple of weeks ago, we did an in-depth review on the stylish LG W2353 Monitor. As well raving on about the monitor’s slick and stylish looks, it also offered some elegantly flawless features to match its sexy exterior.

Now, after reading the review, if you were like me and were ready to scrap in your old monitor to bag yourself with this new LG monitor, then hold your horses as you might be in with a chance to win one of these without having to dig deep into your pockets to get one just yet! How? Well, thanks to the generous bunch at LG, Gaj-it will be giving away a LG W2353 monitor for FREE to one lucky reader.

How to Win!

Ok, so I don’t know about you but my PC is one of those things which I can’t live without, and having a sexy stylish screen to match just makes my PC experience even more enjoyable. So now that I have revealed what gadget I can’t live without it is your turn to tell us what gadget you can’t live without? (keep it clean please!). All you need to do is to leave a comment below this post with the answer to the question:

Q- Tell us what gadget you can’t live without?

Terms of the competition

1. The competition is open to anyone on the UK mainland (need to check with LG where they are willing to ship?)
2. The competition runs until 18th September 2009 at 11:59pm UK time
3. Winners will be selected at random and we’ll announce winners shortly after the competition deadline date.

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333 Responses to “Competition: Win a LG W2353 Monitor”

  1. Paul Wharton says:

    My wireless router. Without it my laptop, N95, Ipod Touch, PS3 and Xbox 360 would be gathering dust.

  2. Marita says:

    I love my new Creature Speakers for my PC! They are sooo sexy!!

  3. Paul Nichol says:

    My Laptop

  4. Shane Whittington says:

    I couldn’t live without my nokia n95 – My entire life is on there, not to mention all of my entertainment!!

  5. Andrew Franks says:

    My Laptop

  6. Kerrie Morley says:

    my tv remote!

  7. Doug Murray says:

    must be my pc – nothing happens without it

  8. Brenda says:

    I cant live without my teasmaid
    Nothing like a cuppa when you wake up

  9. paul Railton says:

    my pc would be so lost without it

  10. Carolina says:

    Cannot leave without my computer!

  11. peter arnold says:

    my laptop

  12. Val Churchill says:

    Deffo the mobile!

  13. Lorraine Wilson says:


  14. Andrea says:

    I can’t live without my computer and my bag sealer!

  15. Jackie H says:

    THIS of course!!

  16. Jen Boucher says:

    Definately my PC!

  17. jason says:

    would have to be my laptop

  18. Alexander Beaven says:

    I cannot live without this PC as I’m practically married to it & my mobile phone.

  19. Andy Wilmore says:

    I would be lost without my mp3 player !

  20. Derek Barnes says:

    My PC

  21. temperance says:

    The only gadget I can’t live without is! (Sorry to be such a creep but the blue gun on this monitor went about 6 weeks ago and I really need a new one!!!)

  22. john russell says:

    My SE k5501 mobile phone which has radio a calendar, notes option, web access a memory card slot allowing me to have lots of my fav tunes

  23. Paddy says:

    I couldn’t live without a new LG W2353 Monitor. :)

  24. Beverley Vernau says:

    How could I possibly enjoy all the functions and features of the wonderful WLG 2353 Monitor without this clever gadget called my BRAIN?

  25. John Thompson says:

    It’s simply got to be my iPhone – superb!

  26. I would reccomend a iphone for sure has the competition been won by anyone ?

  27. Paul says:

    my ipod, imac and tv

  28. Paul Gannon says:

    I love my iPhone. I simply could not live without it.

    I am permanently connected these days. I love my iPhone because it lets me keep in-touch with everyone I know. I hardly use it for it’s primary function – i.e. a telephone. I use it for everything. Here are a few things I do on it.

    – It’s my alarm clock,
    – It’s my iPod,
    – I check multiple email accounts both POP3 and Web-Based.
    – It’s my digital camera,
    – It’s my radio and radio recorder
    – It’s my television
    – It’s my to-do and task manager
    – it’s my camera
    – It’s my blogging tool
    – it’s my social network connector, Twitter, Facebook
    – it’s my primary internet browser
    – Its my PC remote support tool
    – It’s my Sat Nav (CoPilot)
    – it’s my Document store – Dropbox and Quickoffice
    – a telephone

    – It’s over a 100 more tools in one device. I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a device as versatile as this one.

    – I even have a shortcut on my home screen to :) – and it displays perfectly

  29. John Cross-Martin says:

    I would be lost without my Sony walkman MP3 player

  30. Marty says:

    Has to be my NAS. Never needed one before and bought it purely to avoid wasting my computer being simple always on for SMB Shares. Myyy how it can do so more and is currently running as a web(php)/print server. And never fails.

  31. BobJ says:

    My PC, its my multimedia platform. Games, films, music communications etc… Cant live without it… now im looking for comps like this one to replace me failing CRT monitor :p

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