The Top 10 iPhone Apps to Help Out The Single Man!

Dating….It’s a tricky old subject as it is one of the few things to have evolved as society has. It used to be simple a long time ago, a quick club to the head of your rival and the girl was yours! Now though, we all know it’s pretty much a competitive game between both sexes to some extent.

Who would have thought that the most popular gadget (gaj-it) in the world, the iPhone, could actually help you out here.

10. CraigsPhone


So first thoughts here, where’s the easiest place to find single girls in your area? Craigslist personals and you know it! Craigslist (CL) has been out for years, but it still keeps that simplicity that makes it so good! Being an on-the-go type of person that you are CraigsPhone is perfect for you, as it formats CL posts so you can see them on your iPhone so you can have a gander for that special someone!

9. 1001 Pick Up Lines


You’ve found that special someone and now comes the email you need! Thousands of jokes have arisen from cheesy chat up lines and so you’ll be happy to know that there are some non-cheesy ones on this app. It’s your call, use one or take a selection of and join them to get that elusive pick up line, send your email and we move on!

8. iFitness


You’ve managed to set up a date for two weeks time, your smiling, your happy but then it hits you, the pictures you sent aren’t attractive so you need to hit the gym ASAP!

iFitness is here to help, as it provides tutorials that are categorised by the body region that each exercise targets. It’s a quick and easy way to get into shape. Roll on your date!

7. iShot Machine


You pick up your date and head towards the all-important first restaurant. We both know that the first date can often be a tad awkward so you both decide to start the night with some shots but there’s oh so many to choose from that your baffled.

iShot Machine to the rescue, so that there’s no more complicated decisions. Just “Shake, Make and Shoot” your way into your dates good books by adding her favorite ingredients to the app, tell the bartender and away you go. Your night can continue as planned.

6. Shazam


You’ve just had a great meal and the conversation is flowing, but in the midst of all this your date stops and says “This song’s brilliant”. In a last ditch attempt to keep the conversation going you fire up the Shazam app, where it instantly picks up the song and tells you what it is, along with biographies and anything else you want.

Before the song is over you know more than she does, instantly impressing her. Application gold right there!

5. Fandango


The meal is finished, and your knowledge of music from earlier seems to have done the trick. “How about a movie?” she says, perfect!

Time to call upon your next best friend the Fandango app. Fandango is great for finding movie listings, local movie theaters, show times, and also the Fandango picks by entering your city and state/county or Zip Code/Postal code. You can even buy the tickets right from your phone!

The nights just getting better then, as there’s no waiting in queue’s because you’ve already purchased your ticket! Movie-time.

4. Around Me


On your way to the cinema, your pimped out ride is in desperate need of some petrol as the indicator is lighting up red. Nightmare? Not really, the question of “where are we?” and “where’s the nearest petrol station?” need never pop up as the Around Me app will tell you.

Around Me quickly tells you information about your surroundings such as the nearest bank, bar, petrol station, hospital, hotel, cinema, restaurant, supermarket, theatre and taxi. It also cleverly informs you about the distance you are from what your looking for.

And there we are, fueled up and ready to hit the road again.

3. TomTom


Getting lost on a date is the last thing you want to do, as girls really don’t take to this kind of thing.

There’s a range of possibilities here, but the best one in terms of getting to a location would be to use SatNav. Luckily TomTom announced at this years WWDC that they will be bringing out a voice command enabled GPS navigation app for the iPhone. Use it and you’ll never be lost again!

2. Would You Rather


The TomTom app gets you and your date to the movie on time, and with your prepaid tickets waiting, you walk in to the film and sit down. To avoid the potential awkward silence that could quite easily come about you spark up the Would You Rather app.

Reminiscent of your childhood days back at school, the Would You Rather app is great for two people to play, and requires both people to answer some tough, but exciting questions that may or may not provide an interesting insight the persons lives.

Now not only does this take some time up before the movie starts, but it allows you to make her laugh so you can fall deeper into her good books.

1. iTunes Remote


The film has ended, and you both enjoyed it. She suggests you both go back to your place to “chillax”. As soon as you get there you whack out the iTunes Remote app which instantly plays a pre-thought playlist. “Tap. Swipe. Play”….Perfection!

Hmmm, now if only they had a contraceptive app?

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