The Mophie Juice Pack, keeping your iPhone running

Mophie Juice PackFor all you iPhoners out there, how often have you gone to check your life saving iPhone, only to realise you’ve used it so much over the day that the battery icon is flashing at you just before you get the life shattering blank screen?

No longer can you get your reminder of where you’re meant to be in the next 20 minutes let alone plan your trip home or find out where the local Pizza Hut is (sorry personal joke), leaving you wandering around your current location looking like a lost child exploring this strange place we call Earth.

Well fear no more iPhoners as the Juice Pack is here to save all those 999 calls from your loved ones who think you have gone missing due to your twitter page not having being updated since your phone went dead.

Basically the Mophie Juice Pack is a portable battery pack for the iPhone, but unlike others of its type the Juice Pack actually fits your iPhone snugly and actually doubles up as a back protector for the iPhone to boot (ain’t that nice?)

Tests have been run on this and it in fact doubles the life of the standard iPhone battery, so if your iPhone lasts for around 6 hours adding the Juice Pack will give you 12 hours.

Re-charges are also a snap with the Juice pack as the mini-USB cable that comes with it will not only change up the Juice Pack but also the iPhone battery as well, leaving you with both a fully charged iPhone and second battery. This allows your iPhone to be used as normal whilst connecting up to a PC/MAC so sync away.

All in all this is a rather handy little iPhone extender it’s surprisingly hard to find in the UK at the moment with the Juicepack website being the only place to purchase it at the moment but I can see this becoming a fav iPhone add-on.

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