UV Monkey Saves Sundamage

In their own right keyrings are usually a bit on the boring side. sure they look nice next you your set of house keys, but they don’t often do much else except for getting caught in a hole in your threadbare pocket. The UV Monkey however is a keyring with a difference.uv-monkey1

Designed to let you know how strong UV rays are when you’re out and about, this little device has the potential to save a few wrinkles in later life, or even spare you the more serious problem of developing melanomas.

Once exposed to sunlight, the center of the Monkey will change to different shades of purple to indicate increasing levels of UV light. The darker the centre, the more UV rays are hitting your sensitive skin.

As it’s a ridiculously handy size, it’s quite easy to carry this device with you wherever you go. If you’re not so keen on adorning your car keys with it, you can attach it to your beach bag, or keep it in the glove box so that you’ll always be prepared to know when it’s time to find some shade.

Available from Firebox for the very affordable price of £3.95, it’s quite the investment to keep you from going that fetching shade of lobster after being out on a cloudy day.

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