Wind Up Walkie Talkies: MI5 Goes Green

You may be thinking, when will I ever, Ever, EVER use a walkie talkie? Well with Summer festivals on the go as well as Summer overseas holidays scheduled in everyone’s diary, the good old walkie talkie may have the chance to make a bit of a comeback. windup

These walkie talkies have the added bonus of being charged not by electricity (bad for the environment), nor by the sun (we are in the UK after all), nor by a set of AAs (no one ever has spares).

Instead, all you need to do to get these guys going is wind them up, like you would a member of an opposing football team.

The wind handle simply flicks out from the back of each walkie talkie and you’re set for a mini-workout.

Cranking away for just a minute will give you 10 minutes of standby or 2 minutes of talk time. If you’ve gotten into the groove,  a full charge will give you 8 hours of standby or 1 1/2 hours of gasbagging.

These walkie talkies don’t just come with access to radio waves. You also get an LCD display screen, a range of 3Km and 8 channels to chose from.

Back to the original question of actually using these eco gadgets. With global roaming rates hardly falling in price, these walkie talkies can save you a mint when trying to find your mates in a nightclub in Spain.

If you’re out and about on the festival scene, you can also use these gadgets to keep track of which tent has the best bands going and see who in your possy is checking them out.

If push comes to shove and you think winding something up is so 1920s, there is also a mains adaptor which you can use to charge up your secret agent devices.

On sale for £53.99, these walkie talkies are an investment that could come in handy year after year.

Source: iWoot (via Gadgets For Men)

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3 Responses to “Wind Up Walkie Talkies: MI5 Goes Green”

  1. Ben Hall says:

    Erm. One question.

    What happens if you’ve cranked your walkie talkie to talk to a friend but they haven’t cranked theirs? Do I have to run back to their location to tell them to charge up so I can talk to them? What’s so wrong with mobile phones?

    I get the green aspect, but these just seem like novelty flash-in-the-pans that will just cause extra frustration.

  2. the design of the MSI Wind is similar to the basic netbooks you can find around. the price point of this netbook is cheaper than acer or dell netbooks `

  3. Ron says:

    How long is the battery life…. Can they be changed out or leak?


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