End of an era as one of UK’s oldest tech magazines closes

Source: Media Guardian

Source: Media Guardian

Personal Computer World, owned by Incisive media, is close to putting twelve jobs in the firing line.

In a time when it is not unusual to hear of hundreds and thousands of jobs being cut at factories, twelve seems small, but, looking at the print industry on a larger scale, that’s another 12 people out of work. That soon adds up.

The company is closing the title after 31 years due to “a combination of factors including the economic downturn and the decline of the computer magazine market” reports the Guardian. The final issue will go on sale on 18 June.

Graham Harman, managing director of the professional services division of Incisive Media, said that there would be a total of 12 roles at risk. The publisher is attempting to find alternative roles for those effected, to minimize the impact.

Harnan also added that the team working on PCW were dedicated and talented and thanked them for their effort during difficult times- very noble.

The print industry, particularly magazines, is turbulent at the best of times and, with the current state of the economy, is becoming evermore unpredictable.

It was reported by the Guardian last October that that Incisive Media was looking to trim up to 50 staff that look after 100 different business magazine titles.

The news of the closure is bound to upset a few dedicated followers and has even bigger implications for the technology magazine market. A decline in the sales environment, for instance, will not bode well for other established titles or newcomers to the market, especially the recently (re)launched Wired Magazine.

Source: Media Guardian

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3 Responses to “End of an era as one of UK’s oldest tech magazines closes”

  1. UK Magazine says:

    Not only the computer magazines but all the magazines industry is going down.

  2. Ben Hall says:

    It would certainly appear so, but I think it’s got a while to go yet. New titles are launching all the time. In the last year we’ve seen Buck, Love, etc…so hopefully it’s maintaining itself quite well.

    Hopefully, once we’ve got out of the toughest of these financial times, things will sort themselves out and people will start buying magazines again.

  3. fb siphon says:

    Digital world is really growing very fast. This is the only reason of downfall in the magazine industry.


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