Microsoft’s New Search Engine ‘Bing’ Coming June 3rd; Videos Now on YouTube

A few days ago Microsoft announced the launch of it new search engine called ‘Bing‘. Microsoft has had several stabs at trying to gain a top position in the search engine market but has so far failed.


Microsoft’s current search offering called Windows Live has around 8% of the market share with Google being the dominant player. So Microsoft is trying again, this time with ‘Bing’ (the sound made when things arrive like lifts or elevators).

Microsoft is positioning Bing not as a simple search engine, which just displays results based on popularity, but as a decision engine designed to help you make decisions and cut through the information overload.

There are now some new videos on YouTube explaining about Bing and how it works. The first introduction video shows Bing in action and describes what it does. Comparing Bing to other traditional search engines (meaning Google) the video explains “that sometimes simple isn’t enough, sometimes you are looking for something that doesn’t just have one answer, like where should we go for dinner tonight.” This is where Bing comes in.

Another video available is by Stefan Weitz, Director of Search Group, where he provides an introduction to the new decision engine including the idea of the best match, local information, site preview and related searches.

The final video is about the focus on customer needs. Stefan Weitz, Derrick Connell and other Microsoft employees look at how Bing delivers what customers are looking for in a search engine. As Ramez Naam put it, “if search engines are gas stations then relevant search results are the gas.”

As well as two YoubTube channels (BingMicrosoft and Decision Engine) you can also find Bing on Twitter and Facebook.

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2 Responses to “Microsoft’s New Search Engine ‘Bing’ Coming June 3rd; Videos Now on YouTube”

  1. TazzaHall says:

    It will be really interesting to see if this “decision engine” will really be any different to Google when it comes out. The filtering options look nice and easy to use at least.

  2. Smoky says:

    So first MSN became Live, but now Bing is live, i man Live is Bing, I mean MSN changed to Bing, which is now live…


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